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   BPS’ 45 + years as a working Musician(20 years no day job)

       Award winning, guitarist/vocalist,, songwriter, recording artist,

                  educator, actor, band mgr. and booking agent   

     After  over 2000+ live performances US and abroad

               5 Albums ( sold well independently)

               36K students and teachers experienced his 

                   Arts Programs ( workshops and performances) in  


                Learned and performed  over 1000 songs;

                     Blues, Jazz, R&B , Gospel, R&B, R&R,

                      Country, Latin and Caribbean                     

BPS is a  lifelong  Music Lover who then became a Musician

    BPS says “American Music”, is the sonic gumbo our ancestors created from the music of the worlds they brought with them.

    Now , from this wonderful gumbo “ Blues is the roots, the other great styles , is the fruits”

We can’t let it fade away, that’s our story. 

   I didnt realize it before, but now I do

   I am Mark “ Big Poppa” Stampley: American Griot*… and everything I do, is about, creating, performing, promoting, teaching, sharing, and remembering and honoring; 

      new and used American Music 


(if ,you still ask..)


  To inspire, stimulate and challenge the musical lifestyles, of present and future Musicians and Music Lovers  …American music  has had global impact, this should help us feel proud of where we come from and understand our connection to it..   


  My fans and “real folk “ I have known, have supported me thru, CD sales, performance fees, show tickets sales, grants, fees, tips, assistance,  and love and appreciation, over the years…

…….Thank you from my heart. 

      If you continue to support, I will not stop. I’ll keep bringing you my best efforts and share the best I have found  👍


 Mark “Big Poppa” Stampley


Thanks for your time and support,

  Mark “Big Poppa” Stampley


Instagram  officialbigpoppastampley



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+1502 468 9513


      Here are the entities that I am about below, all on going, at different stages in their cycle and development. 

    My love and commitment to music ,as my purpose, as my income, as a way of being of service to others, I started seeing the happiness they got from my joy. 

     Each of these entities began out of an opportunity or necessity, ( oh I need help), but I gotta keep growing them.



Here is a brief description of each:



For bookings contact :   +1502 468 9513






Music History in Motion/ Blues in the Schools

Big Poppa supports Art Education in schools through his educational literacy and cultural enterprise,  MUSIC-HISTORY-In-MOTION and as a ethnomusicologist/Guitar Instructor; teaches student  workshops and performs in school systems in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Big Poppa started doing session guitar work in Chicago in the 90’s and has album credits that cross the genres of R&B, Reggae, hip hop, house, Rock and Roll, spoken word and gospel. 

    We are in contact with Promoters and Educators in Durbin, So. Africa., and very excited as we put together  a MUSIC/ EDUTAINMENT TOUR!! For 2025 !!!  

    ( links to workshops, correlation to state education objectives, and letters of recommendations available upon request .   contact Mark Stampley )




 BPS’ Bluesworld, is a streaming show of live music, musical guests, show characters; Papa Jali, and Uncle Busta, (played by Poppa Stampley) add some fun, shot at different locations ,,  over 40k views . . Specials, in production: 

Interviews with sidemen (Woman ) who worked with some of the biggest names in the music business





The Daily Griot  

     This vlog is for Musicians and Music Lovers

  We support your lifestyle

So this Show is about music  

 Music Nuts and Bolts Then and Now   to Infinity… 

   Interviews with Music People,  and variety guests and related subjects

 that impacts Musicians and Music lover




Please  go to : ; look around, find a gift for the muse or musician in your life.!!

 Our list of over 140 physical and digital unique items  is growing ! 

We are all about improving the musical lifestyle of Musicians and Music Lovers.


 Through our webstore !  We sell physical products , downloads, services we produce, income streams for artists and music lovers .

 Bookmark  us!   

 We are in beta mode and your input is crucial to help this vehicle grow and flourish for Music Lovers and Musicians everywhere..Where you find great gifts, make connections  and maybe add to your success, through our income stream opportunities…and music education outreach   …and the sanger sang  “ Gotta let  you to know, ..before you go, ..won’t cha please….please  share …..with 3 who care …  Happy Holidays to you !



*A griot is a West African historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet, and/or musician. The griot is a repository of oral tradition


This is a site for musicians and music lovers. Access to other BPS brands, discord chat, web concerts, access to lessons and instructors, Blue world market discounts


Thanks for your time and support,

  Mark “Big Poppa” Stampley


Instagram  officialbigpoppastampley



Tik Tok   markleestampley

+1502 468 9513

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